The problem:

Making presentations is no fun!

Welcome to the presenter console!

GUI tools are inflexible

Here you have a view of the current slide, a preview of the next slide and your notes.

Use reStructuredText!

You also have a clock and a timer, so you know how much time you have left.

But then there was Prezi

Sliding from left to right is no longer enough. You need to be able to...

If you click on the timer it restarts from zero. This is handy when you are rehearsing the presentation and need to make sure it fits in the time allocated.


If you have more notes than fit in the console, you can scroll down, but more handily, you can scroll the text up by pressing space bar.


If there isn't more text to scroll up, space bar will go to the next slide. Therefore you, as a presenter, just press space every time you run out of things to say!

...and zoom!

Zooming is cool. But one day it will grow old as well. What will we do then to make presentations interesting?

But Prezi is a GUI

So we are back to square one.

(And it is closed source to boot)

It's probably back to making bad jokes again.

What about impress.js?

It's open source!

Supports pan, tilt and zoom!

In three dimensions!


Wow! 3D! You didn't see that one coming, did you?

It's HTML...

Not a friendly format to edit

...and manual positioning

So inserting a slide means

repositioning all the following slides!

The endless repositioning of slides is what prompted me to write Hovercraft! in the first place.

Is there no solution?

Of course there is!

What would be the point of this slide show if I didn't have a solution? Duh!

Introducing Hovercraft!









Position slides

That SVG path support was a lot of work. And all I used it for was to position the slides in circles.

Presenter console!

You found the presenter console already!


The merge of convenience and cool!

A slogan: The ad-mans best friend!


On Github:

Fork and contribute!

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